Micron Nylon Filter Mesh for Liquid Filtration

Nylon Micron Mesh for Liquid Filtration
Micron size: 5um-1600um
Material PA6, PA66 Food Grade
Wholesale in rolls, width 100-300cm
OEM acceptable
Worldwide shipping
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Micron Nylon Filter Mesh for Liquid Filtration

What is Micron Nylon Filter Mesh?

The micron nylon mesh is weaving by NYLON6(PA6) or NYLON66 (PA66) monofilament yarn in plain weave or twill weave. The round, smooth, regular, continuous, monofilament yarn and precision weaving process make this Nylon Filter Fabric in uniform, square and fine mesh opening (aperture) and smooth surface. These features ensure it offers minimal flow restriction and surface loading of particles during the filtration process.

Filter type: Surface filtration,
Filter rating: Absolute filtration

What is Nylon Micron Mesh count:

Mesh count of the Nylon Micron Filter Mesh refers to how many holes in a linear inch, for example, 100 mesh means there are 100 holes per inch, and 200mesh refers to there are 200 holes per inch. So the higher mesh count, the thinner thread yarn, and the smaller aperture and particle through so that the higher filter fineness.

Nylon Micron Filter Mesh Aperture (Mesh Opening) Size:

Mesh opening of Micron Nylon Mesh is the space between the adjacent two yarns, it’s the parameter to show the size of each square hole on the filter fabric. The mesh opening determines the precision of the mesh, which smaller particle than opening will pass through, and bigger will be captured. Its measure unit is mm or um.
Our Nylon Micron Filter Mesh aperture from 5um-1600um, tolerance +/-10%. (1micron=0.001mm, 1000micron=1mm), thickness from 60um-850 to meet different filtration requirement and application.




How to calculate the Mesh Aperture (Mesh Opening)?

M=Mesh Count
R=Yarn diameter (mm)
Aperture=25.4/(divided)Mesh Count-Yarn Diameter
For example:
100mesh count with thread diameter 0.1mm (100um), its aperture (mesh opening) is 25.4/100 – 0.1=0.154mm (154um).
200mesh count with thread diameter 0.05mm(50um), its aperture (mesh opening) is 25.4/200-0.05=0.077 mm(77um)


How to calculate the open area?

Open area(%)=Aperture2 x Mesh count(cm) 2
For example:

100 mesh count Nylon Micron Mesh is 40mesh per cm, its aperture is 0.154mm, its open area is 0.1542 X 402=37.94%
200 mesh count Nylon Micron Mesh is 80mesh per cm, its aperture is 0.077mm, its open area is 0.0772 X 802=37.94%


Nylon Micron Filter Mesh Material (Nylon66 and Nylon6) Character:

High mechanical strength and flexibility, can be made into a disc, tube, bag, etc any shape you need.
Smooth surface, abrasion resistance, 
Fatigue resistance,
Heat resistance, melting point 215-225 degrees, could continuously work under 150 degrees
Alkali resistance,
Nontoxic and tasteless, Compliance with FDA food grade, safe for the food industry

Nylon Micron Filter Mesh Application:

●   Food and Beverage Filtration
●   Coarse Filtration in Chemical Industry
●   Petroleum Products Filtration
●   Water Treatment
●   Pharmaceutical Technology
●   Electronic Technology
●   Degreasing of Automotive Manufacturing
●   Pre-filtration Metal Processing
●   Coolant filtration in Paint and Coatings
●   Resin, Plastics, and Inks
●   Circulating water filtration in the paper industry

Fabricated Nylon Mesh Filters can be customized in the following mode:

Appointed width in rolls

Conventional NMO FILTER BAGS

Heat slit or Laser cutting ribbon belts

Filter elements by Laser cutting or Mould Stamping

Ultrasonic welded tube or bags


Other customized fabricated filter elements.

Packing :

Packed in rolls on the paper core to avoid creases, rolls packed in paper carton lining plastic bags.
Filter bags and cutting pieces are packing in paper cartons lining with plastic bags.

Overseas Delivery