Polyester Silk Mesh for Screen Printing & Filtration

Polyester Silk Mesh
For screen printing & filtration
High tension and good resilience
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Polyester Silk Mesh for Filtration & Screen Printing

What is Polyester Silk Mesh?

Polyester silk mesh or polyester screen printing fabrics are weaving by polyester (PET) or nylon (PA) monofilament, usually in plain weave. Different mesh count from 10-500mesh to meet different filtration & screen printing requirements. It can be used as micron filter media for liquid filtration, as well as the cloth fabric who transfer the ink onto the printed objects in designed shape in silk screen printing application.
Silk screen printing mesh in rolls
The main technical parameters of silk screen printing mesh are as follows,

Mesh Count

Mesh Count of the Polyester Silk Mesh fabric refers to how many holes per inch, the measuring unit is mesh/inch. The Mesh Count tells the density between the adjacent two yarns. The higher mesh count, the higher density, the finer mesh opening, and lower deposit ink volume, on the other hand, the lower mesh count, the lower density, the bigger mesh opening, and higher deposit ink volume. Mesh count chose should be according to the printing precision of the printed objects.

How to choose the right Screen Mesh Size for different application? Please visit our Blog. 


Thread (yarn) Diameter

The thread (yarn) diameter is the diameter of the monofilament yarn who weaving the silk screen printing mesh. Usually measured by um. The thinner thread diameter, the larger mesh opening, but the worse corrosion resistance against corrosive solvents, and the worse wear resistance of the ink and squeegee. Thicker thread diameter increases the print durability of the screen printing mesh.


The thickness of the Silk Screen Printing Mesh refers to the distance between the two surfaces of the mesh. Normally measured by mm or um. The thickness value should be measured when mesh still without tension, it depends on the yarn diameter and weaving type and related to the deposit ink volume.

Mesh opening (Aperture)

Mesh opening of Silk Screen Printing Mesh is the parameter to show the width of each square hole on the fabric. It makes great impact on the printing precision of the printed images and characters. Measure unit is mm or um. Usually, the mesh opening should be three times of solid ink particles.

Open area

Open area or effective filtering area, or hole area percentage, refers to the percentage of hole area in a unit area of the screen mesh. Measure unit is %.

Theoretical ink volume

The theoretical ink volume is the maximum ink volume required to fill the opening of the screen. It’s measured in cubic centimeters per square meter (cm3/m2). The theoretical ink volume just to estimate the ink consumption simply, the actual ink consumption and ink thickness, should be calculated based on the print medium and ink conditions.
The percentage of solvent diluent, specific gravity, solid content, viscosity, and screen mesh weave type, screen type, squeegee hardness, squeegee shape, printing pressure, and angle, mesh opening size, screen tension, printing machine type, etc. all will affect the ink volume consumption.

silk screen printing mesh

Polyester(PET) Silk Screen Printing Mesh features:

High tension and good resilience
High structural strength
Excellent print durability
Excellent acid resistance and organic solvents resistance
Low hygroscopicity, almost unaffected by humidity
Good heat resistance, better than nylon

Production Porcess Flow Chart
Silk screen printing mesh - production process


Application Field

Screen printing on plastic protucts
silk screen printing on metal
Wall Paper
screen printing for wall paper production
Wooden product
silk screen printing on wooden products
screen printing on glass
textile screen printing
dashboard screen printing
Art and craft
screen printing on craft & arts
Electrical appliance and hardware
screen printing for circuit board
silk screen printing for ceramic
Pile coating
screen printing for pile coating
screen printing for CD/DVD


Operation Points of Polyester Silk Screen Printing Mesh

Polyester mesh has good stability, suitable for high-precision printing
Requires high tension stretch, stronger frame, stretch with high power machine and firmer adhesion.
The polyester screen is hydrophobic, which is difficult to bond with the film. It needs to be cleaned and degreased before screen making.
Although the polyester mesh has low hygroscopicity, it is not resistant to boiling water for a long time.
The polyester screen has lower ink passability than nylon screen
The polyester screen is not resistant to strong alkali corrosion

Nylon Mesh for Screen Printing

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